Press release # 34: Malossi Day 2013 to remember: a show with thrills


With a large group of riders coming from all over Italy, Europe, Asia and even Africa, the last remaining titles were assigned with a battle for the ages on track.
In Trofeo Nazionale Scooter Velocità, Mauro Montagna took the title, but Mario Tornera stepped on the highest place of the podium ahead of Francesco Reale and Alessandro Melone. The Sicilian turned into a piranha in the wet, showing an undisputed talent and collecting more trophies. He also won the ScooterMatic Extreme Italia race, with Alberto Consoli and Alessandro Melone also on the podium, the latter of which took the title. Tornera also won the Malossi Day Cup race (in the new team formula) with Consoli, preceding the couples made of Melone-Reale and Boccardo-Mendogho and taking the title. 
His masterpiece was however the victory in the World Malossi Day Cup. After losing only to Dutchman Roufs in Race 1, he took his payback with a win in Race 2 ahead of Montagna and Melone. The titles of entry classes were also finalized, with Nicolas Serafini winning the North league of the ScooterMatic Replica and Alessio Paduano champion of the South, even if Antonio Liuzzi won the Adria race. 
Davide Grossi won the North league in ScooterMatic Extreme Regioni in a race dominated by the southern Emilio D'Andrea, with Emanuele Salerno to complete the podium. 
Marvin Mendogho gave his all to best Diego Guerra and retain the T-Max Cup Open title, while Cesare Fusto became the champion in the Stock class despite a double win by Dario Barzaghi. Nicola Di Rago won the R125 Cup race and title.